Sunday, February 19, 2012

Book Ad of the Week: THE CONTEST (1970)

December 11, 1970

The Contest
by Mort Weisinger
World Publishing, 1970

Mort Weisinger is best known for his years at D.C. Comics, where he co-created Aquaman and Green Arrow in the Golden Age and edited the Superman line during the Silver Age. He also wrote the book 1001 Valuable Things You Can Get For Free, and after his retirement from comics became a freelance journalist. The Contest is a novel based on his involvement with the Miss America Pageant, an experience that also inspired the article "I Love My Wife, But Oh, You Beauty Queen!" for Parade magazine in 1971. Columbia Pictures optioned The Contest for $120,000 and the Signet paperback had "Soon to be a major movie!" on the cover, but the movie was never made.

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