Sunday, January 15, 2012

Book Ad of the Week: Cinemabooks Go Wild!

Here's an advertisement for the four "Cinemabook" paperbacks that Holloway House issued in 1969 and '70. Similar to the Olympic Foto-Readers and Greenleaf Classics titles from the same time, these were "adults only" novelizations heavily illustrated with b&w photos from the films. We have all four in the Temple library, and plan to review each one individually in the near future.

All the Loving Couples (1969) was written by tough guy character actor Leo V. Gordon, based on his own screenplay. Mining a similar suburban sexual revolution storyline as BOB AND CAROL AND TED AND ALICE -- released the same year -- ALL THE LOVING COUPLES was a highly profitable independent release that is all but forgotten today. Originally rated X by the MPAA in 1969, it was edited to earn an R rating in 1972.

Leo Guild, a Holloway House author who wrote everything from Confidential Sex Survey and Street of Ho's to biographies of Josephine Baker and Darryl Zanuck for the publisher, novelized David Friedman's STARLET (1969), a softcore "behind the scenes" story about the making of skin flicks that Friedman remade years later as the hardcore MATINEE IDOL (1984).

How to Succeed with (The Opposite) Sex (1970) was penned by writer-director Bert I. Gordon. A soft sex comedy originally released by Billy Fine's Medford Films, the movie was rated X by the MPAA in '70 but edited for an R when reissued by Media Cinema in 1974.

Satyricon (1970) is a FELLINI'S SATYRICON tie-in edition of Paul Gillette's Satyricon: Memoirs of a Lusty Roman, first published by Holloway House in 1965.

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