Thursday, November 19, 2015

UPDATED: Donald E. Westlake's Bond treatments

Issue #32 of MI6 Confidential, the excellent UK magazine focusing on James Bond, includes an article by the Projector's very own Philip Poggiali on novelist Donald E. Westlake's story treatments for the eighteenth Bond film (eventually produced as TOMORROW NEVER DIES). Although not available in stores, the issue can be ordered here.

The article also covers Westlake's 1998 unpublished novel Fall of the City, which was based on the first BOND 18 treatment.

UPDATE (3/7/17): Hard Case Crime has announced the publication of Fall of the City, now titled Forever and a Death (one of Westlake's suggested titles for the Bond film). It's set for release in June 2017. We hope that our article put the idea in Charles Ardai's head!

UPDATE (9/5/17): Clément Feutry of the obsessive fansite Commander James Bond (CJB) has digested Phil's MI6 Confidential article and the Forever and a Death afterword by Jeff Kleeman (formerly Vice President of Production at MGM/UA) into a tidy and surprisingly coherent French-language article.

Another of Westlake's suggested titles for the Bond film was Dragonsteeth. Oddly enough, a "lost" novel by Michael Crichton titled Dragon Teeth was published by HarperCollins last May. Westlake and Crichton were Edgar Award winners for Best Novel in consecutive years (1967 and '68) and had several of their early works brought back into print by Hard Case Crime. Both authors died in 2008.